Tip 1
By inserting specific search phrases the Harvester Software will produce smaller databases with more specific results.

Tip 2
You can capture a geographical database by using postcodes as your search criteria.

Tip 3
The best email databases are made of multiple small lists by using the List Manager Software you can compile a larger database for marketing purposes.

Tip 4
By using the filters in the Software's settings you can exclude commonly found websites from your searches and speed up the process.

Tip 5
You can add a website domain to be excluded from your searches by pausing your search and right clicking with the mouse on the domain in your list.

Tip 6
Once you have completed a search your should save it with a relevant file name into a specific folder so that it can be easily retrieved in the future.

Tip 7
You can remove duplicate email addresses when merging multiple lists by using the List Manager Software

Tip 8
You can use the List Manager Software to compile different databases using different combinations of smaller lists to vary your results when marketing.


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