The Email Address Harvester - Harvest target email addresses for your marketing

Welcome to the Business Email Harvester Software website. We have developed a useful business tool which can assist you in finding your target customers quickly, cheaply and effectively. Large email databases can be built allowing you to use business email marketing as an effective part of your business marketing.



Enter Your Criteria

Enter your search criteria to find your desired customers ie. "Solicitors in London" the more specific the search criteria is, the better.



Find Websites

The Harvester software takes your given search criteria and collects a list of relevant websites from all of the major search engines.



Email Extraction

Once the Harvester Software has gathered a list of relevant websites it spiders those websites searching for email addresses to extract.

Following the three simple steps of how to use the Email Harvester Software properly we allow you to build many lists of potential customers email addresses. You will be able to use the free software Email List Manager Software provided to compile, merge and filter your email lists and to remove any people wishing to be unsubscribe from your marketing. By the Harvester and List Manger effectively together you will be bale to extract business email addresses and compile lists ready to use for your marketing, if you would like to find out more about how the Harvester works please click here.



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