How It Works


Some frequently asked questions about how to download, install and purchase the software.

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        Step By Step Guide

» Software Settings
» Search Criteria
» Harvest Source Url's
» Harvest Additional Url's
» Harvest Email Adresses

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        Tips & Tricks

Some Tips and Tricks that can help you get the very best results from your Harvester Software.

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The Business Email Harvester

The software pulls all of the email addresses from websites from within search engines. You can choose to search for website email addresses in either U.S. Search engines, U.K search engines or both maximising the amount of email addresses found.

Once the software has been downloaded and installed simply enter your search criteria and select preset A or preset B to determine the size of your email database.

  • Gather very specific business email address databases exactly to your needs
  • Be E.U. Marketing Code compliant by gathering business email addresses
  • Filter your address database to remove duplicates or filter against a remove list
  • Get an unlimited supply of new customers in the industry and area of your choice

The Email List Manager

The Email List Manager is free with the Business Email Harvester Software.

This software sorts, filters and removes unwanted email addresses.

The List Manager will remove duplicate email addresses and with the use of the software's filter system you can remove emails by domain name extensions i.e.; .gov, .edu or

You can use the List Manager to compile larger databases by merging several smaller lists generated by the Business Email Address Harvester Software.



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